5 Free Marketing Tools for Every Entrepreneur

If you’re just getting started in the world of entrepreneurship, you probably don’t have a giant marketing budget. So we’ve compiled a list of free marketing tools you should use in order to grow and develop your business! Not only will they help you grow your business, but these tools will also help you save time and money.

1. MailChimp

If you’ve ever listened to an NPR podcast, you’ve probably heard an ad for MailChimp. As one of the most popular tools for email marketing, MailChimp is incredibly user friendly and beneficial for maintaining and growing an audience. They also have a great page dedicated to teaching you how to maximize all that it has to offer.

Features include:

  • Integrating with Facebook and Instagram to gain new customers and subscribers
  • Adjustments based on feedback from MailChimp reports
  • Customizing emails based on purchase data
  • Automation tools that will save time and headache!

2. Canva

Today, aesthetics are almost as important as the product or service itself. Canva is another incredibly user friendly tool to create designs that will be appealing and enticing to your customers. The site also has fantastic articles with advice about design.

Features include:

  • A very easy to use drag and drop system
  • A variety of font combinations, templates, icons, images and illustrations
  • A color palette generator (you can select colors from images you use on your website)
  • A photo editor page

3. Buffer

Social media can be incredibly overwhelming and exhausting. With so many different accounts to keep track of and different etiquettes in each of them, managing it is a job in and of itself. Buffer helps ease the strain of it all.

Features include:

  • Automation and post scheduling
  • Manage all accounts from this one space
  • Crafting updates for each social media channel separately
  •  Data and performance analysis

4. Yoast

If you use WordPress, Yoast is a must for tracking and optimizing every aspect of your site. Yoast also offers great SEO courses that are essential to understanding how to gain more exposure in the online world.

Features include:

  • Assistance in meta description
  • SEO ranking and improvement through readability score
  • Analytics and feedback
  • All in all–helps attract more people from google and social media!

5. SumoMe

To grow your site even more, you’ve got to check out SumoMe.

Features include:

  • Integration with your email marketing tool–ehem, MailChimp, ehem
  • Content and visitor tracking
  • More effective share buttons
  • The ability to design less invasive popups and gain more subscribers

Of course, there are hundreds of apps and online tools out there, and we hope that this inspires you to get started on making good use of them if you haven’t already!