Stories from Our Successful Campaigns: “We Will Overcome”

Through the years, we have had a lot of successful campaigns on Jewcer. We wanted to share their stories and what they learned while crowdfunding with us. Our next interview comes from Charlie Kramer, a Jewish musician who funded his debut EP to spark change. He was able to raise $11,000 and, by the way, his EP just dropped! Check it out.

1. Tell us about “We Will Overcome”? What inspired it?

We Will Overcome is a 5-song EP of Jewish folk rock. The record celebrates the struggles we face individually, within our communities and throughout our world, and how we can utilize these struggles as a source of personal and communal betterment. Half of the songs were written while I was abroad, working with the good people of Temple Beth Israel in Melbourne, Australia. The other half was written back in my home town of Los Angeles. In both spaces, I was deeply struggling with the political climate of the world. These songs were my personal source of healing and it is my prayer that they can be a source of healing for the listener as well.

2. What piece of advice from the Jewcer team stuck with you the most that you can remember?

“Never be afraid to ask.” It’s challenging to be so continuously vulnerable during the campaign process, but it is so important to push through the feeling of discomfort. You never know who will know the answer unless you ask!

3. How did you promote your campaign? What was the most challenging aspect?

I promoted my campaign largely through social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. Yet, I quickly learned that the best way to achieve my goal was to reach out to people on a more personal level. I then set aside time each day to send people personal (and original) messages either through text, Facebook messenger or through email to ask for their support. This extra effort to personalize the interactions I had with my supporters made a significant difference. I can’t recommend doing this enough.

4. Is there any advice you’d give for those considering crowdfunding?

Don’t be afraid to keep posting and messaging (and posting and messaging…)! There will definitely be a point where you may feel like you are bothering your friends and family. But, it is important to remember that we all live very different lives and not everyone will see your posts and messages. The people who want to support you will appreciate the reminder!

5. After successfully getting funded, how have you been using the funds towards your project?

I used the funds to pay for studio time, my producer, musicians to play on the record, mixing, mastering, album artwork, printing CD’s, submitting the EP to online distributors and creating the music video for the record’s single, ‘Closer’.

6. What are your three favorite online or mobile tools that help you run your crowdfunding campaign?

1). Mailchimp/Constant Contact. The ability to make your emails interactive with easy-to-follow links and photos help to tell a deeper part of your story to potential supporters.

2). Facebook is a star. Not because of the posting it allows you to do, but because of the personal interactions it allows you to have with all of your friends. I found the resource of Facebook Messenger to be my biggest tool in achieving my goal.

3). My phone. Nothing is more beneficial than calling or texting people personally.

7. If you had to choose a one-liner piece of advice for aspiring Jewish entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to change the world, it deserves your help.

8. Add a question of your own that we did not ask and give the answer to it…

How often did you interact with your supporters after the campaign’s completion, but before the project’s release?

After the campaign’s completion, I sent at least one Mailchimp/Constant Contact email a month to everyone who contributed to my campaign. In the emails, I would update everyone on the recording process, send pictures and even videos. I felt it was important to keep everyone who supported me involved in the entire process.




If you’d like to follow Charlie, you can check him out on Youtube, Facebook, and SoundCloud.