Stories from Our Successful Campaigns: “Soon by You”

Through the years, we have had a lot of successful campaigns on Jewcer. We wanted to share their stories and what they learned while crowdfunding with us. Our first interview comes from the creators of a web series called “Soon by You” and their campaign that raised over $15,000!

1. What is your series about? What inspired it?

Soon By You is a comedic web series about young Orthodox Jews dating in NYC. It was inspired by the Israeli TV show Srugim and originally started out as a short film by Leah Gottfried. After winning Best Short Film at the Washington Jewish Film Festival in 2016, Leah decided to expand it into a web series and brought producers Danny Hoffman and Jessica Schechter on board. There are now 4 episodes up on YouTube, with a 5th coming soon.

Leah on set by Fiona G Photography

2. What piece of advice from the Jewcer team stuck with you the most that you can remember?

Two jump out: 1) Appeal to the “why” of the project, not the “what.” People are more willing to give to a cause than a film. 2) Make those who donate feel as though they’ve become a part of the team. They’re more likely to share the campaign or make a second contribution if they feel ownership for the project.

3. How did you promote your campaign? What was the most challenging aspect?

We created a video explaining the campaign and promoted the heck out of it on our social media outlets. We also created a list of all our friends and family and called them up asking them to donate. The hardest part was asking people directly – it often felt uncomfortable, like begging. But, ultimately, people were extremely generous and supportive.

4. Is there any advice you’d give for those considering crowdfunding?

Definitely focus on asking people individually as opposed to only posting publicly.

Sarah, Leah, and Danny by Leora Veit

5. After successfully getting funded, how have you been using the funds towards your project?

We used the funds to produce episode 4! We had a big premiere party and the episode is now out on YouTube.

6. What are your three favorite online or mobile tools that help you run your crowdfunding campaign?

Social media was really helpful. Facebook and Twitter helped get the word out. We also had an existing email list for fans, so Mailchimp helped us reach them directly.

7. If you had to choose a one-liner piece of advice for aspiring Jewish entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Don’t lose sight of the passion that inspired you.

Cast 6 by Abbie Sophia

8. Add a question of your own that we did not ask and give the answer to it…

How are you raising funds moving forward?

For episode 5 and beyond, we are funding the series through product placements and advertisers. Many companies have reached out to us to put their products in the show since we have a large and growing audience. We also still have a donation page set up on our website, so people who want to see more can still contribute directly.




If you’d like to connect with Soon by You, you can check them out on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.