The Amazing People Behind this Blog

Shani Leead, Blog Manager   

Shani is a photographer and content creator from Los Angeles. She graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Communication degree, which she puts to good use by connecting with all the incredible Jewish organizations and the people who support them. With a deep pride in her Jewish roots and an Israeli background, Shani hopes to share the power and potential of Jewish innovation and connection with the world.

Drew Kaplan, Editor  

Sharing content and information has been a life-long passion for Drew. Having put out Internet content since before the turn of the century and blogging for a dozen years, he loves the information-sharing abilities of the Internet. As a rabbi, one of his interests is Jewish activities (and Jewish traditions and wisdom), as well as sharing about them.

Articles by Drew

Our Writers

Boris Kievsky    

Boris is the founder of dotOrgStrategy, a platform for teaching nonprofits how to effectively use technology to achieve and expand their missions, without over-stretching their resources; and Speed of Like, a boutique digital agency focusing on small businesses, startups, and nonprofits. A storyteller and entrepreneur, Boris is excited to combine his passions for technology, storytelling, and making a positive difference in the world by helping organizations increase impact locally and globally, through digital tools including websites, social media, email, advertising and crowdfunding.
Articles by Boris

Katia Kobylinski    

Katia Kobylinski is an avid brand strategist & social entrepreneur. To merge her passions for causes, stories and arts, she founded ‘creative: for good’ – a virtual ad agency that connects millennial artists and nonprofits for advertising for the good – at JCC Chicago’s start-up incubator Seed613. Katia loves city life, hummus & company.
Articles by Katia

Devon Spier 

Devon Spier is a rabbinical student and spiritual entrepreneur. Over the last decade, she has made her home in the small suburban shtetl of Kitchener-Waterloo, where she supports the leadership of Jewish young professionals, children, new mums and donors so that they may lead in innovative ways that raise up the institutions to which they belong.
Articles by Devon

Jennie Starr   

Jennie Starr practiced Law and was a Director of Product Management for several high-tech startups, before founding Tarbuton and Startup18 Jewish Engagement Lab. She has a BA from Northwestern, MA from the University of Illinois, and a JD from Washington University in St. Louis. She is passionate about transforming Jewish San Diego, inspiring and educating new program founders whose work results in deeper Jewish engagement. When she’s not studying, working, or carpooling before or after school, Jennie can be found running on the beach in San Diego, CA where she lives with her husband and two children.

Articles by Jennie

Dr. Amir Give’on

Amir is Jewcer’s professional geek. By training, he is a mechanical and aerospace engineer and constantly creating new ideas. But he is constantly thinking of ways to recruit projects and create components to build the most successful Jewish crowdfunding platform designed to benefit the Jewish people and Israel. His drive stems from his passion for Israel advocacy and connecting Israelis with Jewish Americans. Amir has never-ending energy and personal determination to be in a state of constant creation.

Articles by Amir

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