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CRMs for Nonprofits: Improve Your Constituent Relationships

The use of “Customer Relationship Management” or “Constituent Relationship Management” (CRM) systems is standard in for-profit businesses, however, many nonprofits are yet to embrace the power of CRM as a donor management tool. Many still rely on spreadsheets, or a loosely connected combination of various tools to track donor engagement, volunteers, campaigns, and other critical […]

Creating a Non-profit Content Calendar – the Easy Way

There are myriad reasons why your non-profit needs to be sharing content regularly on your website and social media. For staying top of mind, reminding people of the work that you do, getting your message out (and furthering your mission), and even basic SEO strategy, content is king. But between all of the other seemingly […]

Find More Supporters Who Love Your Cause and Want to Donate

Few nonprofits want to spend their time and energy on fundraising. What if you could just find more people like your current supporters, without much more work? That’s where leveraging online tools and the concept of “inbound marketing” becomes a game-changing strategy. Now that you’ve identified why your current patrons support you and what they’d […]

Keys to an Effective Non-Profit Website

Q: How important is it to have an effective website for your non-profit? A: It’s mission critical! While every element of your online presence is an important part of your storytelling strategy, most of the bigger actions (donations, registrations, etc.) are taken on your website. In marketing lingo, this is commonly referred to as “conversion”, […]

Nonprofit Marketing Using Impact Funnels and Storytelling

Boris of dotOrgStrategy.comBoris is the founder of dotOrgStrategy, a platform for teaching nonprofits how to effectively use technology to achieve and expand their missions, without over-stretching their resources; and Speed of Like, a boutique digital agency focusing on small businesses, startups, and nonprofits. A storyteller and entrepreneur, Boris is excited to combine his passions for […]

The Power of Podcasting for Nonprofits

Originally published on dotOrgStrategy.com Podcasting is a powerful way to get a message out to millions of potential listeners. The potential rewards for a nonprofit are undeniable, and it’s not as resource-intensive or cost- prohibitive as it may seem. Many businesses are already using podcasts effectively for marketing and income-generation. With its powerful reach, increasing popularity, […]

Nonprofit Crowdfunding: 7 Storytelling Tips for Successful Campaigns

Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds from many people in order to fund a project or other venture. Although it is widely used in for-profit entrepreneurial projects, it also has great applications for nonprofits as well. When campaigns are run correctly, non-profits can realize great returns, including increasing funding and growing their supporter community. […]