Are You Gritty?

Do you have perseverance? If someone tells you “You can’t do that,” how do you respond? Do you get puffed up enough to make them eat their words? Or do you go back to bed and lay down for a week? How do you deal with adversity when it comes to pursuing your goals? Are you Gritty?

Life is hard for everyone. We all own our various aches and pains, yet entrepreneurship takes an extra bit of pluck that many of us often need to grow into, unless we were born with a natural go-getter spirit. There will be times when one wants to throw in the towel, bash the notebook computer with a sledgehammer, disconnect the phone and go live in a cave. That’s when it’s time to rejuice, recharge, and refuel and start over again the next day. How do you keep your enthusiasm going when it seems you’ve set an impossible goal? I hope my story will give you some inspiration.

I started my third venture, Piknik, about a year and a half ago, when I was homeless. I was living in my friends’ living room with two small children, with my older son coming for the weekends. We literally had about 3 square meters of personal space to ourselves, plus a loft bed.  I had just managed to force a poser investor out into the light. If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably know what that is – it’s the guy who strings you along for months asking for more and more work, but he never actually writes the contract or the check.  I had to scrap what I was doing and start over again. Then I became paralyzed with fear. Then I decided to do it anyway.

I launched Piknik as a very simple app for checking into and posting food photos in restaurant profiles. Right now we are only on Android, as Piknik AD. As I persevered, I picked up some team members along the way.  Now we’re on our way to making Piknik 2.0, which is set to change the online review world.

One of my sources of inspiration, my 7-year old

One of my sources of inspiration, my 7-year old

There were many times during my 7-month long stint as a homeless person when I could have decided to lay down and die and give in. However, my kids deserve better, so I kept going.

Whatever it is you are doing, you need to find that one reason to keep hustling, and keep it close to you in thought and deed, and work away at it. The stories of determined actors and business people are published weekly in our media, because everyone needs inspiration. The best sources I’ve found are Inc. online magazine, Matthew Hussey’s YouTube vlogs on business and relationships, and Evan Carmichael’s YouTube Channel, and there are many, many more.

Want to know more about Grit? You can watch Angela Duckworth’s Ted Talk here. To assess yourself on the Grit Scale, you can download Angela Duckworth’s evaluation here.

What or who inspires you and keeps you going when everything else sucks, literally? What makes you gritty? Please comment below and tell us about it!