6 Web Series That Fully Crowdfunded Their Project on Jewcer!

There’s no doubt that imagery and video are crucial to gaining an audience and garnering support for your mission. A web series is an especially powerful tool used to entertain, teach, and inspire. Today, we wanted to share with you some of the more successful campaigns for web series projects on Jewcer!

Zionism in Animation

Campaign Goal: $20,000
Total Raised: $20,532

Soon By You

Campaign Goal: $15,000
Total Raised: $15,939


Joy of Israel

Campaign Goal: $10,000
Total Raised: $11,402


Bubbala Please

Campaign Goal: $4,000
Total Raised: $7,363


The Israeli Show

Campaign Goal: $1,200
Total Raised: $1,204



Campaign Goal: $1,000
Total Raised: $1,356


These days, our attention spans have grown smaller and, thus, many people prefer to watch or listen to their content of interest rather than read it. So it’s no surprise that we encourage all new Jewcer campaigns to include a video on their page. We hope you’ve enjoyed these videos and will continue to watch their talented work!


Shani is a photographer and content creator from Los Angeles. She graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Communication degree, which she puts to good use by connecting with all the incredible Jewish organizations and the people who support them. With a deep pride in her Jewish roots and an Israeli background, Shani hopes to share the power and potential of Jewish innovation and connection with the world.