6 Musicians Who Crowdfunded Their Album on Jewcer!

One of Jewcer’s most popular type of campaign is the campaign for Jewish music. Music has a way of bringing people together. Both in the physical sense–i.e. at a concert or a party, as well as in the online space in the form of crowdfunding. When it comes to what the people want to hear, it’s the sound of Jewish music playing through their speakers (or headphones). These are six of the many musicians who successfully funded their albums through Jewcer.  If you’d like to learn more about each of the artists, click the images below to go to their campaign pages.

Noam Katz

For the past two decades, Rabbi Noam Katz‘s music has traveled the world, providing spiritual uplift to congregations, summer camps and communities from North America to Israel, England to Africa. From the Ugandan-inspired rhythms of his “Am Yisrael Chai“ to the prayerful power of his “Roll Into Dark“, Noam has crafted melodies that bind Jewish and interfaith communities together in song.

Josh Warshawsky

“We live in a world where people are constantly searching for meaning. To me, Judaism is all about awareness. It’s about marking time and being intentional in our lives. There is a blessing to say for every moment. When we see a beautiful sunset, there is a blessing. When we see thunder and lightning, there is a blessing. When we meet a new person, there is a blessing. It’s a beautiful way to walk in the world. For me, Jewish music is an access point to finding more meaning. I love exploring the texts of our tradition and putting them to music; finding a way to use music to better express what the words are already trying to say. I hope that Jewish music can inspire people to search more deeply into our tradition, to connect to each other, and to find more ways to look around the world with wonder and intention.” – Josh Warshawsky

Charlie Kramer

“Each time I write a new melody, I always take a moment to stop and ask myself where, how, why and when I can sing this song with people. To me, it’s deeply refreshing and special that I ask myself this question and not when would people would listen to the song. For me, singing together is the core of Jewish Music.” – Charlie Kramer

Abbie Strauss

“Music heightens my relationship with God and music strengthens my relationship with others when we pray together. I believe that a beautifully recorded album will allow others to heighten their individual relationships with God and help communities unite in prayerful song.” – Abbie Strauss

Josh Goldberg

Josh Goldberg’s compositions explore the intersection between Jewish traditional past and contemporary music. Working in both Hebrew and in English the singer, pianist, guitarist, composer and producer of the upcoming album ONE seeks to bring communities together with his music.

Rabbi Jake Czuper

“We all have memories of singing and hearing the songs of our youth. Those songs have made a lasting impression on who we are, and remain with us to this day. Music is the spark that ignites the soul, and the songs that I have composed for this CD speak to the Jewish child’s heart and allow children to experience the joy of Judaism in a fun and exciting way.” – Rabbi Jake Czuper

Here at Jewcer, we believe that life leaves space for you to create in it! Whether it’s music, painting, books or screenplays, there is always room for more. With a whole internet world out there ready to support you, you really have no excuses not to get started on your creative dreams. 😉