5 Videos to Help Improve Your Social Media Game

We’ve scoured the pages of YouTube to find five of our favorite videos that will teach you all about social media’s best practices, tips and tricks for all your marketing and business needs.

Quick Social Media Guru Tidbits

1. If you don’t LOVE social media, find someone who does, and see how they can help you.
2. Analyze the data. Figure out what works and what doesn’t.
3. Be authentic. Even though it’s the internet, we know when someone is not being real.
4. Stay on top of social media trends.
5. No grammar errors. And don’t tag the wrong people…

Dominating Social Media in 2017

  1. Big brands are boring. Small businesses take advantage of your ability to interact on a more personal level with your audience.
  2. Video is key. Use Live video- people don’t expect it to be high quality.
  3. Mobile, mobile, mobile. Optimization for mobile is essential.
  4. Advertising on Facebook is the number one platform for targeted campaigns.
  5. Influencer marketing is on the rise.
  6. Content is going to continue growing, so need quality AND quantity!
  7. “Data nerds are gonna reign”. On constantly changing platforms and algorithms, you (or someone you hire) constantly needs to be on top of it.

Create a Content Marketing Planner

Be strategic about your content. Set goals. Create a plan. In this video you will see a great marketing planner page that you can actually download by clicking the link in the description!

Speed Up Your Content Creation

  1. Give yourself a shorter deadline. Less time to do work forces you to be more creative and diligent.  
  2. Create blog/core content and social media content at the same time.
  3. Listen to your audience. Ask your audience what they want and then create it.

Three Rules to Get More Followers

  1. Who is your target audience? Figure it out and act accordingly.
  2. Don’t ask for followers. MAJOR taboo. It’s not about follow for follow, it’s about creating a community of like minded people.
  3. Make/share good content. (If you’re just starting out, make sure your platforms already have lots of content. People won’t follow if you don’t have any content on there yet).